Plesati Dance Group

Introducing Plesati Slovenian Dance Group.

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Plesati is a Slovenian folk dance group based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It is comprised of Canadian Slovenians aged 5 to 80+ who are interested in learning about Slovenian music and dance. 

Very few of the participants have ever been involved in a Slovenian dance group, so this is a way to teach them about folk music and dance from different regions of Slovenia. 

Although it is a multigenerational dance group open to dancers of any age, there is a special focus on the youth, with the majority of participants between the ages of 6 and 28.

In addition to dancers, Plesati is also a community of Canadians with Slovenian roots who are eager to re-discover and celebrate their Slovenian heritage. This group brings together both younger and older generations to collaborate, share cultural traditions, and bond through their love of folk dancing.

Welcome Plesati to the Canadian-Slovenians Have Talent Contest!

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