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Photo Schnefsky Geoff Swift copy

Introducing Schnefsky from Canada performing at the 2021 World Cup on the Accordion Virtual Polka Championship held in Toronto, Canada. Schnefsky is the nickname for Geoffrey Swift that he uses for all of his music, art, compositions, and craftwork. Born in Canada 68 years ago he has always enjoyed accordion music and took lessons for piano accordion at age 50. In the meantime he discovered Steirische Harmonika and now mostly plays Austrian and Bavarian folk music. He is self taught on the harmonika (diatonic accordion) and records multi-instrument songs for his Youtube Channel, where he plays the sax, clarinet, and trumpet. Harmonika playing has gained him many friends around the world and he likes to visit Austria and Germany to play music with his friends. Schnefsky's favourite composer is Robert Trettenbrein from Karnten Austria who composed many songs for the Stierische Harmonika. 

Nicely played Schnefsky! Thank you for your participation and we hope to hear more of your performances in future!

Portrait Schnefsky

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