Natalie Marentic 🇨🇦

Introducing Natalie Marentic from Canada performing at the 2021 World Cup on the Accordion Virtual Polka Championship held in Toronto, Canada and earning the highest mark in her age group. 

Natalie is a Canadian Slovenian living in Mississauga, Ontario. She just graduated this year from the University of Toronto where she studied French, Biology, and Anthropology. In September, she will be attending York University to pursue a Bachelor of Education as a teacher candidate for French and science. Some of Natalie’s hobbies are reading, biking, photography, and of course, playing the button accordion. Natalie was immersed in Slovenian culture from a very early age and through those experiences she came to have a deep appreciation and love for both the Slovenian language and Slovenian music. She grew up listening to button accordion music at home, since both of her parents play the accordion. Her  father taught her how to play the button accordion, and Natalie has been playing it for the past two years. 

Wow, Natalie! You play so well for only two years. You are a natural. We look forward to many more performances in the future. 

Portrait Natalie Marentic

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