Mladi Kanadčani 🇨🇦


Introducing the Ansambel Mladi Kanadčani from Canada performing in the Canadian Band category at the 2021 World Cup on the Accordion Virtual Polka Championship held in Toronto, Canada. Ansambel Mladi Kanadčani is a young Canadian-Slovenian band from the Greater Toronto Area formed by Laura Kuri, Matthew Kuri, Jonathon Gregorič, and Niko Gregorič. For each of the musicians, music has been a big part of their lives as they grew up studying the art and were inspired and surrounded by their parents who played music as a hobby. The group has performed for numerous occasions since 2011. They all share Canadian- Slovenian heritage and a mutual love of Slovenian music which has brought them together to perform over the years. 

It is a joy to hear these talented musicians. Music is definitely in their DNA!

Portrait Mladi Kanadcani

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