Mark Marentic 🇨🇦

Introducing Mark Marentic from Canada performing at the 2021 World Cup on the Accordion Virtual Polka Championship held in Toronto, Canada and earning the highest mark in his age group plus a close 4th place overall in the competition. 

Mark has a wonderful wife and three children aged 21, 19, and 15. His wife, Josie and daughter Natalie were also contestants in this competition. For many years now Mark has been employed as a Business Project Manager. Like many other first-generation Canadians born to Slovenian parents, He has been immersed in the Slovenian culture, for which he is forever grateful. His musical journey included about ten years of piano accordion lessons which gave him a great foundation for teaching himself the button box. Mark very much enjoys the music of the Slovenian legends, Lojze Slak and Ansambel Avsenik, but also enjoys listening to the huge variety of songs from countless other Slovenian bands. Mark says he has yet to hear more beautiful music in the whole world than Slovenian Polkas and Waltzes. Playing and learning new songs on the button box is something he always turns to for enjoyment.

Mark, you are amazing! Such an enjoyable performance. Thank you for your participation in this championship, as well as the previous 2016 and 2018 competitions.  Also thank you for encouraging your wife and daughter to participate. Your family has enriched the 2021 championship and inspired and motivated us all. ❤❤❤

Portrait Mark Marentic

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