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Introducing Josie Marentic from Canada performing at the 2021 World Cup on the Accordion Virtual Polka Championship held in Toronto, Canada. Josie was born and raised in the Toronto area, and spent much of her childhood involved in the Slovenian Church, Slovenska šola, and Slovenian clubs. She has a degree in Food Science, and enjoys cooking, gardening, and playing the button box. Josie is a mother to three wonderful children, one of whom was also a contestant in this championship (Natalie). Josie learned her first song on the button box from a cousin visiting from Slovenia. From that moment she was hooked and went to Slovenia the following year to buy a button box. While there, she was taught several songs and when she returned home, she met her wonderful husband, Mark (also a contestant) who continued to teach her. Josie is proud of her Slovenian heritage and all it entails including the people, culture, language, food, and music. 

Well done Josie! Beautiful performance of a great song by Lojze Slak! So much talent in the Marentic family! .

Portrait Josie Marentic

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