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Introducing Chris Beckley from the United States of America performing at the 2021 World Cup on the Accordion Virtual Polka Championship held in Toronto, Canada. Christopher grew up in Sheboygan, WI and has been playing the button accordion for twenty-five years. He picked up tips on how to play at the Sheboygan, WI Accordion Club. In the late 1990’s he performed with the Jolly Slovenian’s Polka Band and accompanied the d’Werdenfelser Schuhplattler Club with Bavarian Dance Music. Latter he accompanied the Heimat Tanzer German Folk Dance Club in Omaha, NE. His button accordion teachers include Dave Pakiz and Don Lipovac and Joe Smiell. He attended the Joe Smiell Button Accordion Camp in Norden, CA several times over the past 14 years. At present he resides in Shawnee, KS with his wife and family. He accompanies the Kansas City Blautaller German Dance Club. His musical interests are primarily Slovenian, Austrian, and Bavarian folk music. He also plays trombone, having performed with the University of Wisconsin Marching Band and various civic and church music organizations. 

An old favourite song by Andy Blumauer, very nicely played, Chris! It really shows how much you enjoy playing the accordion!

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