Tony Jalovec

Introducing Tony Jalovec, Band Contestant in the “Canadian Slovenians Have Talent” contest. 

Contestant Tony Jalovec

For the upcoming competition, Tony will be playing a button accordion that he retrofitted with a midi-enabled interface that allows one to generate the sounds of a variety of instruments and even a full orchestra. With this special interface, the musician takes the lead in providing dynamic input to the module directly by the choice of musical genre, playing style and technique, manner of operating the bellows, and sensitivity/duration in pressing of the buttons, etc. There is no pre-programming of sound track or tempo. All sounds are generated live — limited only by the skill, dexterity and imagination of the musician. 

Tony was born in Brežice Slovenia, and now lives in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. Known to many as the Polka Maestre, Tony first started playing the button accordion over 25 years ago and has been a popular entertainer ever since.  

Welcome Tony Jalovec to the “Canadian Slovenians Have Talent” contest!

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