Mladi Glas Planika Dance Group 


Introducing Mladi Glas Planika, dance group contestant in the “Canadian Slovenians Have Talent” contest.

Contestant MGP 1

Slovenian culture can be defined by two words: music and dance. Mladi Glas Planika Slovenian dance group was established initially as a theatrical group with a strong emphasis on music and dance which quickly evolved into a folklore dance group serving young people in the Slovenian community surrounding Toronto. 

2019 is a year of celebration for MGP as it marks the 45th anniversary of Mladi Glas and the 40th anniversary of Planika. Since it’s inception, the leaders of the dance group have worked closely with the youth of the Slovenian community within the GTA and beyond to instill in them not only pride and love for their heritage but also to foster their awareness of being actively involved in the greater good of the community. In addition to regular rehearsals to hone their skills in the art of Slovenian dance, the dancers have always participated in and supported events that serve the community, particularly the elderly. With 40-50 voluntary performances per year, the dancers bring the beauty and joy of Slovenian dance to audiences all over the world and act as ambassadors of goodwill and friendship for the Slovenian community in Ontario. The group rehearses at Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal Parish in Toronto but with an intake of young people from Kitchener and Guelph to Newmarket and Oshawa, MGP truly is a representation of Slovenians across the GTA and well beyond.

With a vast repertoire of Slovenian folk dances as well as original choreographies and dancers ranging in age from 5 to 30, MGP has entertained international audiences not only across Canada but has had numerous successful tours to the United States, Slovenija, Austria and Italy. A highlight among them was a tour across Slovenija with the re-knowned Ansambel Sasa Avsenika in 2017. In 2018, MGP won the competition of dance groups at the 50th Anniversary of Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest, the largest Oktoberfest outside of Munich. The group continues to build it’s program with new dances and costumes from all regions of Slovenija. MGP works very hard to raise funds to support their endeavor with events like an annual banquet and recital, a Good Friday Fish Fry at Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, Coffee Sundays and many others but without strong community support through sponsorships from amazing businesses and individuals, the Ministry for Slovenians Abroad (Government of the Republic of Slovenija) and the wonderful families that participate in the group, none of it would be possible.

MGP thanks the Committee and organizers of the Canadian Button Akordion Rocks organization for the opportunity to participate in this wonderful event showcasing Slovenian talent.  Živijo!

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