Melodie Šuštar


We are delighted to welcome Melodie Šuštar as our Master of Ceremony for the upcoming Canadian Slovenians Have Talent event.

MC Melodie Sustar

Melodie Šuštar is the oldest daughter of Danny Šuštar, accordionist of Kvintet Soča and retired director of Mladi Glas and Planinka and Ann Marie Šuštar (Rustja). As her name suggests, Melodie's life has always been full of music which is why she is very excited to be the MC of the Canadian-Slovenians Have Talent event this year. 

As a child Melodie  enjoyed picnics at Simon Gregorčič club with all four of her Slovenian grandparents (Šuštar/Koslovič, Rustja/Kravos), and started dancing when she was 9 years old. She was a dancer with MGP for 17 years, and completed North American and European tours with the group, before becoming a teacher. In her role as teacher she brought over 40 young Slovenian-Canadians to Europe to perform with the famous Sašo Avsenik, who has now become a personal friend. 

You may recognize her from her time spent behind the counter at Krek Slovenian Credit Union, now Moya Financial, where she worked as a teller, before moving away briefly to complete her master's degree in Ottawa. This Master of Ceremonies with a master's degree is famously quoted as saying "I couldn't leave the Slovenian community even if I wanted to!", which will be even more true after she gets hitched to her Fiancé Mark Ulčar, who also comes from a Slovenian family with very strong ties to the community. 

Welcome Melodie to the Canadian-Slovenians Have Talent event!

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