Mark Marentic 

We are very excited to announce that MARK MARENTIC, Domestic Champion of the 2018 Canadian Slovenian Button Accordion Championships will be performing in concert at the “Canadian Slovenians Have Talent” event at Slovenian Hunters and Anglers Club (Lovska Farma) on Sun. Aug. 4, 2019.

Concert Mark Marentic2

Mark has enjoyed playing the button accordion  for over 30 years.  Completely  self-taught on this instrument, Mark says it was a great help that his parents sent him to piano accordion lessons, so transitioning to button accordion was natural for him. 

Mark was born in Toronto to parents from the Bela Krajina region of Slovenia.  From a young age Mark fell in love with the music of Slovenian musical stars Lojze Slak, Franc Mihelič, and Slavko Avsenik, and many additional groups since then. 

Certainly for Mark, “Slovenian music is the most beautiful in the world!”. 

Welcome Mark!

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