Janez Smrekar

We are delighted to welcome Janez Smrekar to the upcoming Canadian Slovenians Have Talent event. Janez will be helping out with the judging as well as officiating in the awards presentation.

Presenter Janez Smrekar2

Janez has a love for music and dance. He has been a member of the Nagelj Slovenian Folklore dance group for 10 years and has participated on two dance tours to Slovenia. Janez has taught dance to young members of Holiday Gardens Slovenian country club in Pickering Ontario, where he is also a popular singer and musician in the house band "Stiri Krompirji!" — yes you heard it right — "The four potatoes!”.

Janez has been playing the piano accordion for 20 years and includes in his repertoire many traditional and contemporary Slovenian songs. Janez is proud of his Slovenian heritage and through his ever positive example he encourages all young musicians and dancers to continue to nurture their passion and love for music, dance and song.

Welcome Janez to the Canadian-Slovenians Have Talent event!

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