Ansambel Mladi Kanadčani 

Introducing Ansambel Mladi Kanadčani, Band Contestant in the “Canadian Slovenians Have Talent” contest. 

Contestant Mladi Kanadcani CContestant Mladi Kanadcani BW

Music has been a big part of the lives of all four members, inspired by their parents who play music as a hobby. Growing up, there was always music, making it extremely accessible to begin playing as well. Over the years, they have played together for numerous occasions, all starting with the Slovenian talent shows about 9 years ago. Since then, their skills have grown tremendously, and the four currently study at Cawthra Park (Laura and Matthew Kuri) and Mayfield (Jonathon and Niko Gregorič). 

Welcome Ansambel Mladi Kanadčani to the “Canadian Slovenians Have Talent” contest!

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