Adrianna Šuštar

Introducing ADRIANNA ŠUŠTAR, co-founder and teacher of Plesati Slovenian Dance Group 

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Adrie Sustar comes from a family of active volunteers within the Slovenian community. Growing up, Adrie enjoyed many happy summers at Simon Gregorčič Club Park in New Market, Ontario, where her grandparents were long time members. 

Adrie joined the Mladi Glas / Planika (MGP) dance group in Toronto at a very young age and danced with them for many years. Her father has been a Director at MGP, while her mother was on the governing council, her older sister a dance teacher, and her younger sister a dancer there as well.

For her exceptional participation in the Slovenian Community, Adrie was awarded scholarships from Krek Slovenian Credit Union and Slovenski Dom, which she used for her university studies in Ottawa. After graduation she found employment at the Embassy of Slovenia, as Secretary to the Ambassador.

Traditional Slovenian dance has been a huge part of Adrie's life and something that she had been missing dearly since she moved to Ottawa. Through her work at the Embassy she recognized an untapped opportunity in the small community of Slovenians in Ottawa. 

Together with Plesati co-founder Maria Colja, Adrie set about forming the dance group for children and grandchildren of Slovenian immigrants. The enthusiasm has been so positive that the dance group has accepted adult dancers as well.

In addition to her work in the Plesati dance group, Adrie was the main organizer of Slovenia Day in June 2017. This was the biggest gathering of Slovenians in Ottawa and was attended by Mr. Gorazd Zmavc, Minister for Slovenians Abroad. 

In the same year, Adrie toured Slovenia with MGP and the popular ansambel Sašo Avsenik, as their official videographer. She is also working on producing a professional Slovenian dance DVD. Adrie continues to nurture her Slovenian heritage through Slovenian language studies.

 Welcom Adrie to the Canadian-Slovenians Have Talent Contest!

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