Danny Šuštar

Introducing DANNY ŠUŠTAR, accordionist for Plesati Slovenian Dance Group.

Contestant Danny Sustar5

Typical of many children of Slovenian parents, Danny Šuštar started accordion lessons at the very young age of five. He studied at the Ontario Conservatory of music for 8 years. Upon hearing and seeing the “Veseli Vandravčki” at a Slovenian picnic Danny was motivated to start a Slovenian band at the age of 12. It was at this time that he discovered his Slovenian musical idols Slavko and Vilko Avsenik and Lojze Slak, whose music inspired him and influenced the repertoire of his own future bands. 

Danny’s first Slovenian band was with his brother on guitar and his best friend on drums. They were joined by a couple of classic Slovenians and formed the band “Valovi Krke”. They soon broke away and realized that they needed a bass and trumpet to complete their sound. A singer was added and the band “Kvintet Soča” was formed. Danny played accordion in a Slovenian band until he went to University, at which point his music was put on hold. 

Danny started to pursue his professional recording career, which became his main focus. Eventually Danny married and started a family. For many years, the only time that Danny could bring out his lonely accordion was during family birthdays and Christmas. 

After 28 years of marriage Danny’s father-in-law wanted to hear Danny play the old Slovenian songs for him, as he recovered from surgery. Danny was inspired to pull out his old music books and started to practice. These musical therapy sessions became a weekly occurrence. He even bought a new accordion (a nice Hohner Verdi), which was much lighter and had more of an Oberkrainer sound. He did all this to help bring joy and well-being to his father-in-law, and to delight his family.

Most recently, Danny provided accordion accompaniment for Mladi Glas / Planika (MGP) Slovenian dance group, where he was a Director for almost 20 years. He even played for the MGP dancers during their 2017 tour in Slovenia with ansambel Sašo Avsenik.

These days Danny provides live music accompaniment to the Plesati Slovenian Dance Group of Ottawa, where his daughter Adrie Sustar is a co-founder and teacher. He looks forward to another year of workshops and performances so that he can continue to maintain his musical skills. 

Danny is excited to compete at the upcoming Button Akordion Rocks - Canadian Slovenians have Talent event, and expects that it will be the highlight of 2019!

Welcome Danny to the Canadian-Slovenians Have Talent Contest!


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