2018 Sponsors & Advertisers

Button Akordion Rocks Club would like to thank our Sponsors and Advertisers who so generously supported the 2018 championship at Simon Gregorcic Park, Newmarket, Ontario.  Thank you also to our supporters who made themselves availalable for interviews during the championship event.

Republika Slovenia
Leslie Brlec
Julie Doma
John Doma
Bradley W. Jones
Joe Skof
Moya Financial
Ksenija and Rudy Reimer
Steve Vincec
Miran Vamberger
Marjan Pezdirc
Andraz Nanut
Andrej Gorenc
Mary & Richard Vitrih
Long & McQuade
Jason Gorel
Slovenski Dom
VIA Rail Canada
Stipe and Ana Bravic
Catholic Cemeteries
Klaudia Zumer
John Kumer
Mike Luzar
Anthony Klemencic
Dave Pusic
Strk Services Inc.
Space-Flite Industries
Ansambel Brajda
Miha Nanut
Strong Man Aluminum

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