2018 Event Location

Simon Gregorčič - Slovenian Culture Association in Newmarket, Ontario was our host for the Canadian Slovenian Button Accordion Championship to be held on August 4th and 5th, 2018.

Founded in 1959, the Simon Gregorčič cultural association was named after one of Slovenia's great poets. In 1964 the members purchased some land close to Newmarket, Ontario. A clubhouse was built, as well as outdoor dance floor, bowling (bocce) lanes, swimming and wading pools, and other sports facilities.

The club's activities include picnics, banquets, Gregorčič Day, wine harvest dances, carnival dances, Santa Claus parties, tournaments for bocce, volleyball, basketball and baseball games, and special cultural events such as concerts and lectures.

The founding members of the Simon Gregorčič club were immigrants mostly from the Primorje region of Slovenia, the western-most part of Slovenia, stretching from the Adriatic Sea in the south, up to the Julian Alps in the north.

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