The Club


The Button Akordion Rocks Club is a not for profit organization registered in the province of Ontario, Canada. Our primary mission is to encourage an interest in and appreciation for button accordion music, by organizing the following types of activities and events:
- Arranging for competitions, exhibitions and concert performances involving the button accordion
- Granting prizes and awards of achievements at button accordion events
- Bringing together in a social setting musicians and music lovers who have an interest and curiosity about the potential of the button accordion
- Encouraging youth in general to appreciate, embrace, develop mastery, and discover their own unique creative expression  through music.

The Button Akordion Rocks Club holds a bi-annual accordion championship in Ontario, Canada. Our goal is to spark a revival in the accordion as a cool instrument again. We hope to motivate the younger generation to proudly pick up and strap on the accordion like their parents and grandparents did before them, with the goal of increasing and surpassing the level of popularity the accordion enjoyed in North America in years gone by. 

We want to encourage the new generation of accordion musicians to discover their unique musical talents, explore creative new interpretations, and basically exercise the age-old prerogative of each new generation to leave their unique stamp, separate and distinct from their predecessors.  

In order to achieve these goals it is necessary to offer opportunities and settings for musicians to sharpen and perfect their skills to international standards of competition. One of the most effective ways to improve a skill is by regularly testing oneself against one’s peers. If one aspires to reach the highest potential, the fastest way is to compete with the best in your field. For example, to improve their game, athletes are encouraged to compete with opponents that are equal to or better than them. This is true in any arena, whether it be music, sports, chess, scientific discovery, literature, dramatic arts, etc. Many fields offer prestigious awards to their highest achievers. Competitions serve the dual purpose of offering their participants opportunities to realize their maximum potential, while at the same time advancing the particular field of endeavor towards new and unexplored summits.

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